Habit Tracker - A Deep Dive

We studied the psychology of habit-building to make skincare a permanent part of your daily routine.

Skincare should be a habit.

Too often, guys buy skincare products and give up on them after a few days. It’s time for someone to recognize that there’s a better way to help guys stick to their skincare. Healthy skin comes from consistency, and that’s exactly what our Habit Tracker is designed to give you. Paired with Slate moisturizer’s simplicity and formula specifically designed for menthe Habit Tracker is our secret weapon for empowering you with daily skincare. It is the perfect combination of low effort and high reward - ensuring that every atom of Slate is working to give you healthier, better-looking skin.

What is the “Habit Tracker”?

Think of our Habit Tracker as a daily psychological trigger that reminds you to do your skincare. It’s a numbered pad that sticks to your bathroom mirror - subtle enough where it’s not messing with your style but noticeable enough that it will catch your eye after a shower or while brushing your teeth.

Each day you do your skincare routine, you tear off a page, watch the number grow, and enjoy some extra motivation in the form of an interesting note on personal care. We worked hard to design a system that requires barely any extra effort from you - all while being incredibly effective at building your skincare habit.

How does it lock in your skincare habit?

There are three ways that our Habit-Tracker accomplishes this:

Habit Stacking

By placing the Habit Tracker on your bathroom mirror, it’s in view when you get out of your shower or while you brush your teeth. This makes it easy for you to “habit stack” skincare onto permanent parts of your daily routine.

Physical Over Digital

Why can’t you just use a phone reminder? Because they don’t work. Period. Studies have shown that digital reminders fail to build lasting habits. A ping from your phone replaces the need for your brain to develop the mental associations it needs to make skincare a permanent part of your routine. Our Habit Tracker is a physical trigger that keeps the onus on you to build the habit while keeping the process simple.

Psychological Reward

Isn’t it satisfying to cross something off a to-do list? That’s because small, rewarding moments like that actually release dopamine. Our brains releasing dopamine is connected to feelings of pleasure, learning, and motivation. Our Habit Tracker is a tear-off calendar for a reason. Changing the day comes with a rewarding tear to psychologically associate your skincare with extra feelings of accomplishment. The motivating notes and numbers counting progress on each page add to that accomplishment. How cool is that?

I’m Sold, How Do I Try It?

Developing an effective skincare routine as men is the best way to get the full value out of our moisturizer / aftershave combo. That’s why we’ll include a Habit Tracker with every order absolutely FREE. No asterisks, no caveats, no tricks. We’re giving them away so you can stick to skincare.

Try Slate’s moisturizer / aftershave and get your free Habit Tracker today.