This is Slate Skincare

More than a brand. It’s a habit.

Using Slate doesn’t mean picking up another jar of chemicals that you hope works. Slate is a powerful moisturizer combined with a Habit Tracker designed to get men to stick with skincare and feel results. How? Three key things.


This is our secret weapon. Too many men buy products and give up on them. So we include a Habit Tracker in every product we ship. Using it will ingrain a skincare routine into your daily life by tracking and motivating your self-care. 

Decoded by men. Designed for men.

Men’s skin is different, no question about that. After years of struggling with bad skin, our founder, Zach, was overwhelmed by the abundance of products for women and lack of quality products for men. Zach spent months consulting dermatologists and studying the intricacies of men’s skin to understand how to build something that actually works, and he created Slate so you don’t have to do the same. Slate’s moisturizer is 

  • water-based to compensate for men’s oilier skin.
  • quick-absorbing, so it’s faster and doesn’t clump in facial hair.
  • scented to be subtle, cooling, and natural - no teenage locker-room odors, no flowery fragrances.

Every atom in every jar goes to work.


Simple enough to say (haha). Really though, Slate is starting by offering one skincare product: moisturizer (that doubles as an aftershave by the way). Nothing more, nothing less. Complicated product catalogs aren’t going to help you stick to a daily routine. No cash grabs, no upselling, and no shenanigans. Even as we expand our offerings in the future, we’ll only offer what we know you need, and we’ll keep everything about your skincare experience simple. The only choice you need to make is to commit to Slate skincare.

That’s it. Our magic formula to your skincare success. 

If you’ve jumped on the Slate train, thank you for being part of our movement! 

If you haven’t (yet), thanks for reading. Again, be sure to check out our Habit Tracker to stick to skincare!

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Remember: We figured out skincare so you don't have to. 

Join us in the skincare revolution! Get #slated for great skin.