Our Story - Redesigning Skincare for Men

Hey, I’m Zach, founder of Slate.

In 2019, something unexpected happened. Someone complimented my skin. I had spent years struggling with cystic acne, an oily forehead, dry cheeks, and stress breakouts. But wanting my skin to feel better somehow felt unmasculine. I wondered, “Am I supposed to care about stuff like this?” I had to realize that there’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel and look better.

When I decided to dive into skincare, I was shocked at its complexity. I couldn’t differentiate the essential products from the cash grabs. The products I stumbled upon were largely made for women. And most importantly, I struggled to integrate skincare into my daily life.

I had to decode what great skincare for a man like me was. I talked to dermatologists and skincare enthusiasts. I studied the unique biology of male skin. I studied the psychology of habit-building to make my skincare part of daily life. 

After a month of completing my daily routine of face cleanser and moisturizer, a friend commented on how nice my skin looked. I felt it too. It was empowering to take control of my skin. It not only looked and felt healthier, but I felt more masculine because I took my confidence back.

Slate brings you the system that worked for me by saving you all the effort I went through in adopting a high-quality, low-effort skincare routine.

We provide the essentials and the strategies to turn skincare into a habit, even for the most skeptical guys. 

You can read more about Slate and our philosophy behind every product here.

Thanks for being part of the movement.

Zach, founder of Slate Skincare For Men, signature in white.